Red allows you to replace traditonal search & rescue systems such as helicopters and patrol cars with low cost, autonomous drones.

Turnkey Solution

Red is not just a drone. It's a suite of solutions.

Remote Access

Control Red Drones from your patrol car or command center.

Real Time Video

Patented low latency video means you're Red will be there to provide logistics and the upper hand.

Monitoring & Alerts

Our realtime dashboard updates you with alerts, constant monitoring and all the stats you could ever want.

Red Software Suite

Red is a full software & harware suite for your precinct.

Red's ForceOS makes it easy to manage all of your drones from anywhere

Built for the future with fully autonomously flight capability using the ForceOS

Manage flight plans, export archived video footage, & set up complex triggers



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Two State of Art Drones Included

Includes Basic support, plus upgrades every 3 years


Deputy Chief

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Four State of Art Drones Included

Includes Premium support, basic replacement insurance, plus upgrades every 2 years



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Six State of Art Drones Included

Includes Premium support and replacement insurance, plus hardware upgrades as soon as they become available


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